Storage and handling of raw materials, for the food industry, demand great professional skill which has been acquired by the WiSch Enterprise warehousing’s staff as a result of their service to these trades. Careful inspection is carried out on landing and regularly whilst in store. How does it look? Inspections are also conducted on landing for transport damage and where necessary measures taken in consultation with the customer and the insurer. Reconditioning of distressed cargoes is carried out in-house in accordance with the instructions received.  


If we have to deliver on a truck or into a container, we will inspect the cargoes again, so the end-user will be satisfied with good packed and marked material.


Our Location


Due to its strategic location, between both harbours Rotterdam and Antwerp, there is an excellent infrastructure for easy intermodal access to and from all European countries. In conjunction with sister companies and agents, we can handle import and export shipments from both harbours as well. We can suggest our customer use one of these harbours because each harbour do have his own profit for each customer.


When the shipping line transfer by feeder the containers from Rotterdam to Antwerp, and the customer needs his stuff urgently, we can arrange to pick up in Rotterdam instead of Antwerp and we do have a profit of three or more days.


The possibilities


WiSch Enterprise is neither too large nor too small. Its staff are able to provide

dedicated personal service. It operates flexibly using, amongst others the following


  • Additional warehousing is taken on or released to meet varying demand.


  • WiSch Enterprise has long-term collaborative relationships with reliable transport companies ensuring a range of competitively priced alternatives.
  • Flexible in cost base against prices are maintained at an attractive level
  • Account managers and deputies operating at the center means customers questions are handling promptly and satisfactorily.
  • Continuous attention to improving the quality and flexibility of managers & staff means that the present attitudes and personal service will continue in future, Long-term contracts can be made with confidence.




With the use of all available international shipping lines on main sea routes connecting every continent, WiSch Enterprise offers FCL and LCL services against competitive rates.

Safety and Health


We consider safety, health and the environment a line management responsibility. We require every WiSch Enterprise manager to give a visible commitment to providing the resources of personnel, time and money necessary to support the implementation of our safety, health and environmental policy.


Every employee contributes to the prevention of accidents by identifying, analyzing and controlling safety, health and environmental hazards, supported by training programs adapted to their functions.

Groupage / Consolidation / General cargo


WiSch Enterprise operates in good co-operation with different (land)transport

companies and agents, groupage service daily to and from Germany, France,

Benelux and the United Kingdom, weekly FTL service to East European countries

and container consolidation from South East Asia and the U.S.A. 


Versatility is the name of the game in general forwarding. Our profiles live up to

this name. It includes the handling of all formalities as well as the storage and

distribution facilities essential to import/export activities and door to door


We are an experienced and successful all-round forwarder. 


Chemical products


The handling and transport of chemicals and (non)hazardous goods is a highly specialized business. Safety can be assured only by companies with in-depth know-how and long-standing experience. At WiSch Enterprise, we give absolute top priority to safety, an attitude honoured every day of the year by the chemical industry.


From collection and storage through to distribution and delivery we provide every conceivable service in forwarding chemicals. Regardless type i.e. solid, liquid, (non)hazardous, you can rely on us to handle it professionally.

WiSch Enterprise – Forwarding & Logistics

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Bank: ING Bank NV – Rotterdam

Bank Account: NL07INGB0006553117

Chamber of Commerce: 60777109

VAT Nr.: NL001242173B57

We act as a freight forwarder at all times. All our services are subject to the Dutch Forwarding Conditions of the FENEX, latest version,

including the arbitration clause, as deposited with the registry of the District Court of Amsterdam, Arnhem, Breda and Rotterdam.

and can be consulted/downloaded here. A copy of these Dutch Forwarding Conditions will upon request be made

available without charge. WiSch Enterprise Forwarding & Logistics explicitly rejects the applicability of any other general terms and

conditions, used by its contractual counterparties.

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